Abstract Art : The gender predictor, When Would it Because of plus The key reason why Does a person Apply it?

By utilizing shapes, colors and textures abstract art creates a mood all to it own. By creating a mood all to it’s own abstract art usually does not try to depict any specific image in the end result.

Abstract art plays on the emotions of the artist completely. Since emotions can be very lucid ideas, abstract art is known to be unrecognizable to something situated in normal reality. However in a well done abstract piece the viewer can “feel” a presences in the painting. Abstract art is extremely spontaneous in nature.

When I paint abstract art I actually do my best to begin with at the very least three different colors. These colors can be complimentary or opposite on the colour wheel. This depends on what I wish to have the viewer feel and experience. Do I need bright colors that are so opposite which they vibrate once you see them? Such as green and purple, yellow and blue. Or do I need colors that harmonize once you look at them causing your eyes to move around in a calming pattern throughout the canvas? There’s no wrong or right solution to paint abstract art since there is no wrong or right solution to feel while painting it.

– Emotions

Emotions are the main element ingredient for abstract art. What’s the artist feeling? Is he feeling angry, sad, in love, out of love, inspired, aggressive? Mood can be greatly effected on the habituates a artists takes and doesn’t take. Artists have had a lengthy reputation for using outside stimuli in the form or alcohol, weed, pills etc. I don’t agree with this particular and I don’t disagree with it icons. I am also not saying every artist uses. But I will say that many of great art has been inspired and created beneath the influence and sober. What exactly does this mean? Emotions are key in creating art, sad or happy, drunk or sober whatever state the artist is in will probably influence the results of the piece.

– When to stop, Less is more

When I paint abstract art, I feel like I wish to put subject matter onto it, a flower, bird, person, building, etc. I see a beautiful background and I wish to put something that defines an image. Nearly all of my art I combine what I am feeling using what I see or am inspired by. However I feel the true challenge in producing a great abstract piece is knowing when to stop, when to say “enough “.Abstract art can be as simple as a dark and white painting and have a couple of powerful brush strokes. It could be minimal in construction and design. The artist says more with less words, less strokes can say more by utilizing the empty space that now just exists. When working with less is more in abstract art it starts to become something different, modern wall art.

– Less Is More, but some times More is much better

When I am painting abstract art I try to challenge myself in using less. Meaning how can I make a powerful artwork by utilizing the empty space that’s on the canvas? Say more by saying nothing, paint more by using the paint to accentuate the emptiness giving it form. But the alternative exists as well. How many layers can I use? I ask myself. I think layers of paint mean layers of emotion. So when I wish to convey more, I ask “just how many layers can I’ve?” “How many layers can I build?” “Just how much more color and texture can there be?” I build layers much like a sculptor would eliminate to expose the hidden form but with layers I increase define dimensions, texture, shape. This conveys emotion.

– Abstract Art where does it come from?

All my bits of art combine a facet of the undefinable, the unknown the abstract. I combine my pop art, surrealism, modern art and abstract art together to make my individual style. Abstract art is fun. It allows me to explore the subterranean levers of my psyche. As I dump colors, work with brush strokes, thick gobs of overlaying paint, my mind travels. It travels to a location which can be only explained through the finished product. This allows me release a hidden layers of myself that I can not reach without engaging in the artistic action of painting. Abstract art may be the reflection of the inner mind.

– My Goals as a artist

I really like painting abstract. But what I really like to complete more is: combine components of my surrealism art, buddha art, modern wall art, pop art, stencil art. I engage every one of these style together to define where my mind and creative out look is.

My first name is Banding (pronounced Bonding) my last name is Hendrix. I live and breathe for the art movement. It’s my true calling. I’m originally from San Francisco, but residing now in Scottsdale, AZ. Coming from a multi-racial background I was taught to embrace and love all cultures. I am influenced by those cultures, along with the unlimited possibilities of beauty and life…

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Abstract Painting – Art Devoid of Significance.

Can art be of importance without meaning? Must “good” art convey the zeitgeist of the times by which it had been created? Does “depth of meaning” correlate straight to “goodness” of art?

A definition of terms here will be of value however the terms involved are so predicated on individual and subjective opinion that the defintions will be questioned.

Abstract painting, particularly the nonobjective painting of several artists because the 1940s is arguably lacking meaning. In reality many artists want it that way. They prefer to see purely compositional factors, the tenets of design because the measure of their works. Does this relegate them to the degree of design, not truly “high art.”

Abstract paintings can perform two things. 1) They are able to ascend to the highest level of design, and 2) they could transcend it to “high art.” Just like Kurt Schwitters paper snips transcend the craft of hobbyists cutting paper, and Joseph Cornell’s boxes transcend the craft of cabinet makers or box designers – so can an abstract paintings transcend design.

The criteria of meaning needs some discussion in my opinion. The “meanings” that some narrow-sighted critics reference to be the paramount criterion of “high art” revolve around historic, philosophic, and religious dimensions. These meanings purportedly reflect the highest ideals and aspirations of man and god(God?).

I appreciate meanings around another person. I such as the classical, epic struggles of mythology, the ancient renditions of the history of the world, the religious icons of each and every century, the struggles of mankind and every individual in mankind. They’re wonderful meanings and certainly worthy of artistic depiction.

Now consider the meaning of a man/woman who struggles to produce pure beauty abstract photo. The artist. The artist who wants to create not merely “high art” but does so with no tools of religious thought, with no maps of cultural revolutions, with no applause of an informed and socially motivated political movement, with no traditions of a craftsmens guild. Look at this courageous individual.

These individuals not merely attempt real, although only mortal, creation at its highest level – they do so in an original and hardwon individual style. Additionally, their work is intended to free, enhance and amplify your perception of art and beauty in each of its mysterious manifestations.

That “is” meaning. You are able to witness this meaning in its visual record of each abstract painting. No, its not all painting is really a masterpiece – and it can’t fall back on cliche’or a social nomenclature. It stands as a testament to a real battle to push something to the highest level of art without any help from all the other “manifold meaning packages” that were the cause of art in previous centuries.

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